Monthly Big Fish Prizes

Each month the club offers a prize to the member who catches the heaviest  fish  at any of the Anglian Water Fisheries, with the  exception  of Ravensthorpe.

Your catch must be witnessed by either a fellow club member or an AW warden and if you can send a picture, even better!


Please send details of your Big Fish Catch to .  Make sure that you include:

  • Date of the catch
  • The size and species of the catch
  • Location
  • Technique used
  • Who witnessed the catch
  • Please attach a photo if you have one,
Please complete the required fields.
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  • Rainbow & brown Trout March 14, 2020
    Club member Dayood Sheik with a fine brace, both taken on the same drift. A 5:06 Rainbow trout caught on the 13th March 2020, about 50 yards from G buoy on a white snake with some floro orange maribu tied into the head, fished on a DI5 line retrieved in short slow pulls. I was ...
  • Season Best brown trout from Rutland October 29, 2018
    Congratulations to GWFFA past chairman Chris Bobby on the capture of a season best brown trout weighing 12lb 10oz from Rutland Water, caught on the second day of the annual “Fry Bashers” competition. The fish was taken on a black snake fly on an intermediate line from the bottom of the south arm and it is ...
  • Carp on the fly February 6, 2018
    Writing in the depths of winter with the possibility of some light snow within the next few days, it is unimaginably hard to remember those occasional roasting hot, sunny days, when just a light breeze ripples the surface of the water and the trout are nowhere to be found (unless you want to plumb the ...
  • Massive pike from Grafham January 5, 2018
    The big news of the week is undoubtedly the capture of a 39lb pike – a huge fish by anyone’s standards and the fish of a lifetime for captor Ben Booth. Whilst on the predatory front, a monster perch of 4lb 8oz has also been reported, along with plenty of double figure zander, including a ...