GWFFA Club Championship & other events 2020

GWFFA Bank match Sunday 18th October 2020

Match winner Chris Bobby with the best fish of the day – a 4lb 13oz rainbow

Nine GWFFA members ventured out onto the banks at Grafham Water. All of them were on the dam and the North shore. Fishing was hard due to windless conditions but despite this fish were showing close to the banks, particularly The Stumps, DWP and Hedge End. The fish were difficult to temp although the nine anglers managed 32 fish. Only Steve Cracknell managed his 6 fish while fishing at DWP. He caught using a washing line and nymphs them switched to an olive snake to catch his last three. Chris Bobby fishing at The Stumps managed 5 fish including a superb rainbow of 4lb 13oz. While playing another 4lb plus fish this fish grabbed his trailing booby breaking the other fish off. He also used a washing line and nymphs. The dam proved much more difficult with less fish there than on the natural banks. 


1st Chris Bobby with 5 fish for 13lb 11oz

2nd Steve Cracknell with 6 fish for 12lb 6oz

3rd Mark Brinkman with 5 fish for 12lb 1oz

GWFFA Bank Match on Saturday 17th September 2020

Seven club members were out early and with a north easterly wind and bright sunshine, all the anglers opted for the north side of the lake.

Mark Brinkman caught on small diawl bach’s in the bowl of the dam to take some nice quality fish, coming out the overall winner with 6 fish weighing 13lb 14oz.

Second place went to Chris Bobby (6 fish for 13lb 2oz) and Andy Linwood filled third place with 5 fish for 12lb 6oz.

Best fish weighed 3lb 7oz and was caught by Mark Brinkman.

GWFFA boat match Sunday 13th September 2020

22 anglers fished a boat match on Grafham with a 4 fish kill and 8 C&R. Despite the breezy day and bright sunshine there were plenty of fish caught. Chris bobby fished near Savages Creek and Sanctuary bay finding fish close to the surface on daddies and nymphs. The fish were in a narrow band over the broken weed beds. Charlie Abrahams caught his fish around B buoy to Deep Water and Pylon Point using a foam daddy and nymphs. There were plenty of fish caught on floating and midge tip lines on daddy longlegs and nymphs across open water near the North Shore. Fish are still high in the water. 116 fish were caught for a rod average of 5.3. Best fish was a rainbow of 3lb 8oz caught by Dayood Sheik. 

1st. Chris Bobby 12 fish for 25lb 3oz

2nd. Charlie Abrahams 12 fish for 23lb 14oz.

3rd. Steve Cracknell 10 fish for 20lb 8oz. 

Best 4 fish was Martin Brocklebank for 11lb12oz

GWFFA/RUTLAND/INVICTA Inter-club “friendly” at Rutland Water

Due to the postponement of the “Maitland Trophy” – the annual event between teams from GWFFA & RWFF, a total 38 anglers from both clubs plus members of Invicta were invited to participate in a friendly “catch & release” event on Sunday 23rd August.

With the weather in the week prior to the event being a mixture of squally showers and very high winds, match day thankfully dawned with good cloud cover, lighter winds and only occasional, light showers.

Most anglers headed for the dam and main bowl, with slow sinkers and midge tips much in evidence.

Top boat was Gary Howe & Graham Bodsworth of Invicta (seen below).

Top Boat Pairing

Graham Bodsworth & Gary Howe

Top Rod Gary Howe receiving his prize from GWFFA club captain & organiser Martin Brocklebank.

GWFFA Dry Fly day at Ravensthorpe – Saturday 1st August 2020

This ever popular event attracted 23 anglers seen above just before leaving the boat dock. With promising weather conditions (apart from a few light rain showers), somebody forgot to tell the fish who stubbornly refused to cooperate. Ravensthorpe’s normally free rising fish proved very difficult to tempt and by lunchtime, back at the boat dock, the maximum number of fish caught by individual anglers was three, with many on 1, 2 or even blank.

The afternoon proved equally challenging and at the “virtual” weigh-in (as all fish caught were returned), top honours went to Harley Smith with 5 fish. There were two other anglers with the same number of fish, but the result was decided by the time the first fish was caught.

1st   Harley Smith 

2nd Roger Hurren

3rd  John Vincent

GWFFA Club Day – Saturday 11th July 2020

England Ladies fly angler Lianne Frost led the way showing why she is one of the top lady anglers. She was the top rod, had the best fish and heaviest 4 fish. Lianne, fishing with her partner Chris Bobby fished over the weedbeds along the sludge bank and Gaynes Cove where fish were feeding heavily on fry. 123 fish were recorded for a rod average of 6.8. 


1st Lianne Frost – 12 fish for 29lbs 5oz

2nd Chris Bobby – 12 fish for 25lbs 8oz

3rd Steve Cracknell – 12 fish for 24lbs 11 oz

GWFFA 1st bank match – Saturday 20th April 2019

First place Martin Brocklebank 8 fish for 17lb 1oz

Second place Steve Cracknell 4 fish for 8lb 12 oz

Third place Derek Bravington 4 fish for 6lb 13 oz

GWFFA 1st boat match – Saturday 26 May 2019 Grafham

First place Martin Brocklebank 8 fish for 17lb 13oz

Second place David Spall 8 fish for 17lb 1oz

Third place Andy Linwood 6 fish for 13lb 15oz

GWFFA 2nd boat match – Saturday 15th June 2019 Pitsford

First place Norman Rushton 8 fish 17lb 6oz

Second place Steve Cracknell 6 fish 15lb 2 oz

Third place Derek Bravington 6 fish 14lb 8 oz

GWFFA Ravensthorpe Dry Fly Day – 23rd June 2019 Catch & Release

First place Stuart Stenning-White 12 fish

Second place Peter Waterhouse 11 fish

3rd place Lianne Frost 9 fish (after beating Mark Brinkman & Martin Brocklebank on time first fish caught)

GWFFA v RWFF (The Maitland Trophy) Sunday 1st September 2019 at Grafham Water

Was this year won by Rutland Water Fly Fishers, reversing last year’s win by GWFFA on Rutland Water.

GWFFA 3rd boat match – Saturday 14th September 2019

First place David Spall 8 fish for 19lb 15oz

Second place Andy Linwood 7 fish for 14lb 1oz

Third place Roger Hurren 7 fish for 13lb 9oz

GWFFA 2nd bank match – Sunday 20th October 2019

First place Martin Brocklebank 8 fish for 18lb 5oz

Second place David Spall 6 fish 17lbs

Joint third place Mark Brinkman & Steve Cracknell 7 fish for 15lb 2oz

GWFFA 3rd bank match – Sunday 10 November 2019

First place David Spall

Second place David Moore

The Winter Plate

Dayood Sheik